Get together with friends, family or co-workers for a totally new and different experience at Mississippi Axe Throwing Company.

The way you play is similar to darts where you try to rack up points by hitting different sections of a wooden target. will be throwing an axe!

As intense as it may look, you will be able to learn very quickly. Like most people, you may have never thrown an axe berfore. Don't worry, you will probably be hitting bullseyes before the end of your first session.

Axe throwing is also very social sport. It is perfect for group events like corporate team building, birthday parties, bachelor parties and other special events.


This trend is becoming very popular around the country and is starting to replace bowling and darts leagues with something different. From a guys’ night out to the perfect activity for your bachelor/bachelorette and birthday party,


As with any endeavor there are risks, however axe-throwing arenas have been around for decades without any major injuries. Our facility is built with safety in mind and our coaches are around to ensure everyone is following the rules, and walks out injury free. Follow the safety guidelines and your coach's instructions and you'll be good to go!

Axe throwing is something ANYONE can do and EVERYONE should try!



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